About Matthew’s Way
Our experiences with Matthew showed us that whilst there are many forms of support available it does not always reach those who need it. At the same time some areas still need to be improved upon.

Matthew wanted to be a doctor from a very early age as helping people was at the core of who he was. He was often there for fellow brain tumour sufferers when they needed it most and no one else was available.

Fate has prevented Matthew from helping others in the way he wanted, so to ensure his experiences of living with a brain tumour are not wasted and that his wish to help others continues, we have created Matthew’s Way Brain Tumour Charity. Our aim is to find those affected by a brain tumour and help them as Matthew would have done, or more simply, by doing it Matthew’s Way.

Our Vision A better life for those affected by a brain tumour.

Our Mission To help those with a brain tumour, their families and carers, obtain more timely and needs based information, care and support.
Our Reason for Being To help those affected by a brain tumour and in particular those overlooked by other charities and support organisations.
We Aim to Improve
Signposting of Available Support – by promoting the provision of information at diagnosis and at all key stages.
The Availability of Timely and Personal Support – by working to improve brain tumour awareness and the resources available.
The Extent of Available Resourcesby championing improvements in the availability of brain tumour specific care and support and an improved network of personnel who can give 1-2-1 support and advocacy.
Our Values
– we asked ourselves “How should we approach things if we are to do it Matthew’s way?” and the following four aspects of Matthew’s character best describe what we need to remember with everything we do.

– Listening to and understanding the needs of others.
– Supporting the preferences of the individual.
– Being there when no one else is available.
– Always look to achieve the highest level of success.
– Setting challenging targets.
– Inspire others to exceed expectations.
– Always finding a way to overcome obstacles.
– Keep going when all seems lost.
– Believing anything is possible.
– Building meaningful and productive relationships.
– Constantly extending our network of productive contacts.
– Working with others for the greater good.